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The Fetish Urine Belt


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The Fetish Urine Belt is a one-of-a-kind, wearable urination simulation device that allows you to store, transport, and dispense your fetish urine over and over again! Just fill it with your fetish urine of choice, strap it around your body, and you’ll be ready to flow whenever the opportunity presents itself. Although it doesn’t come with any fetish urine, the Fetish Urine Belt is made from high quality materials so that, once you stock up on your favorite brand of fake pee, you’ll be able to create a lifelike golden shower experience time and time again. Durable, reusable, and highly affordable, the Fetish Urine Belt is a must have if you’re looking to deliver a realistic piss performance using fetish urine.

The Fetish Urine Belt is a great product for both men and women to use to fake their own urination. Essentially, it’s a medical grade, vinyl “piss pouch” attached to a stretch band that can wrap around your waist or chest (whichever feels the most comfortable for you). A small tube extends from the pouch and has a white “arming clip” to make sure no fetish urine gets released prematurely. At the tip of this tube, there is a push-button valve that, when opened, will dispense your fetish urine sample by allowing it to flow from the pouch to wherever you aim it. This push-button valve is built with a silent-flow system so, unlike similar products, it won’t make a “click” sound when opening - letting you deliver a completely noise-free urination simulation. However, it’s important to note that the push button valve is only silent when opening, not closing. If you’re wanting to keep your piss performance realistic, leave the valve open after you’ve dispensed your fake pee, otherwise you might risk ruining the mood.

Since The Fetish Urine Belt does NOT come with any fetish urine, you can choose whichever brand of fake pee you’d prefer. We recommend using XStream Fetish Urine because it comes premixed and ready to go - you won’t have to worry about mixing up a dehydrated or concentrated sample. Simply heat your fake pee, make sure the white arming clip is closed so no fetish urine leaks out, and then load your sample into the pouch using the included syringe. Strap the belt around your body and let the tube extend between your legs. Before you get to where you’ll be giving your piss performance, make sure the blue push-button valve is closed and then open the white arming clip. When you’re ready to begin your urination simulation, put the end of the tube between your legs and open the push-button valve to let gravity drain the pouch of it’s fetish urine. Again, if you want to keep it silent, don’t close the valve afterwards! To clean, simply flush your Fetish Urine Belt with warm water using the syringe.


If you’re into fetish urine and need an easy (and affordable) way to make it look like you’re delivering a real golden shower, grab your own Fetish Urine Belt! You’ll be able to piss like a pro!


The Fetish Urine Belt comes with everything you need to hide your fetish urine including:

  • Empty Vinyl Medical Grade Bag
  • Medical Grade Syringe
  • One Sticky Heat Pad
  • Set of instructions.

While other belts are on the market make clicking sounds when used, the Fetish Urine Belt when used properly has a silent opening valve for those seeking a noise free experience and can be operated with just one had.


XStream Fetish Urine Not Included with purchase of the Fetish Urine Belt

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