XStream Fetish Urine Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Is XStream biocide free?

Answer - Yes, Xstream Urine is 100% Biocide FREE and biocide would NEVER be found in a real urine.


Question - What is the shelf life on XStream Urine Fetish Urine?

Answer - XStream Urine is a SINGLE USE ONLY. Once opened and heated must discard after SINGLE use.


Question - I heated up my XStream Urine Fetish Urine and did not use it. Is it still good?

Answer - No. Once opened and heated must discard or used within a few weeks or bacteria can begin to grow. It’s not designed to be heated up and cooled multiple times for long periods. XStream doesn't use a preservative or biocide since there detectable and you would never find those naturally in urine.


Question - I overheated my bottle and the temperature strip does not read, what do I do?

Answer - Just remove the cap and let your bottle cool down, once its below 100 degrees the temperature strip should read the temperature of your fetish urine.

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