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The Stash Leg Strap


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The Stash Leg Strap is a must-have for anyone who loves using fetish urine! This one-of-a-kind innovation straps around your leg and perfectly fits a 3 ounce bottle of fake pee in its carrying pouch. Designed to help you store your fetish urine comfortably and discreetly, the Stash Leg Strap is made from high-quality neoprene so it’s easy to keep clean and will last for years! If you’re using fetish urine on the regular, you’ve gotta grab the Stash Leg Strap to help you keep your fetish secret on the down low.

If you’re new to the world of fake pee, you might be thinking “what’s wrong with hiding your fetish urine in your pocket, purse, sock, or bra?”. Sure, you could stash your bottle of fake pee in your pocket, but that may just draw unnecessary attention and warrant a lot of questions. Since being discreet about your use of fake whiz to get the job done is highly important, you’re gonna want to be a little more stealthy than that! Many people try to conceal their urine stash in their bra or sock. But, we’ve learned from countless customers that this gets to be really uncomfortable very quickly. Because fetish urine should be at body temperature before you use it, that means you’re going to have a hot bottle of fake pee pressed against your skin for, sometimes, hours on end. The last option is to just keep your fake whiz in a purse or backpack, but nothing ruins the mood faster than needing to pause and dig through your bag to hunt down your bottle of fresh piss.

With the Stash Leg Strap, you’ll be able to get your fetish urine fix within a moment’s notice. Its stretchy material is designed to fit comfortably around most leg sizes and won’t slip or slide down your thigh once it’s secured in place. Plus, the neoprene pocket helps keep your fetish stash warmer for longer, without having to have it pressed against your skin for hours. You’ll have your bottle of fake piss concealed under your clothes so it’s readily available, but isn’t bulging in your pocket. When you buy the Stash Leg Strap, you can be stealthy af and stay comfortable without worrying about ruining the mood.

The Stash Leg Strap is also a great travel accessory. You can use it to store valuables like your wallet, ID, passport, and cash when you’re traveling or going to concerts and raves. It lets you keep your valuables close to your body, discreetly underneath your clothing, without fear of losing them or having them stolen.

If you’re into fetish urine, the Stash Leg Strap will keep you comfortable and make sure your fetish whiz stays a secret. Grab yours today!


XStream Urine Not Included with purchase of Stash Undies

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