XStream Fetish Urine Directions

  • For best usage, remove foil seal (discard seal) and microwave The XStream Fetish Urine for about 10 seconds to get the temperature ranging between 94-100 degrees F. Open the top of the container and shake the contents after being microwaved, will allow a maintained temperature throughout the whole entire bottle.

  • If the XStream Fetish Urine is still not at the desired temperature after shaking the contents, place the sample back into the microwave for a few more seconds. If after the second attempt the XStream Fetish Urine is not giving you a temperature reading but is obviously hot, unscrew the cap and allow the product cool down.

  • Once the bottle is at the desired temperature, place the hand warmer on the bottle. If you choose to heat The XStream Fetish Urine with just the hand warmer, allow yourself about one hour to get the sample to the correct temperature. The hand warmer will keep The XStream Fetish Urine at the 94-100 degrees F temperature for about six hours.

  • Before going in to use, make sure the contents of the bottle are shaken up completely. Once everything is completed and you have the temperature at the desired degree, just simply pop the top of the cap and pour.

SINGLE USE ONLY. Once opened and heated must discard after SINGLE use

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